The Winners Football Training Center (WFTC) as a non-profit making organization aims at taking care of children, to help them developing their talents, to help them building their brighter future from their young age, to help them understanding their proper problems and how to overcome them through their social interactions and playing various games that make them happy.
The Winners Football Training Center was established by Mr. NSHIMIYIMANA David around 2008 aiming at training and teaching the Rwandan youth games and sports ; After realizing that there was an increase of schools drop outs then an increase in street children, homeless without regular food provisions, lacking hygiene and sanitation as well as cultural positive values since they had no one to look after them to formally or informally educate them at schools or in families respectively due to :

  • Poverty in families ;
  • Conflicts in families ;
  • Depreciations ;
  • Violence (Beatings, tortures, insults,…) ;
  • To be abandoned by parents ;
  • Parental rejections ;
  • Lack of discipline ;

This cause school drop outs and those children choose to live on the street. The Winners Football Training Center, conduct monthly activities bring together the school drop outs children, the children from poor families and those from the street from all around the MUHANGA District to socializes with them, providing them opportunity to have funs, to play together, to share and build up their confidence, to show them that they are also loved and considered to build up in them the value that they also count for their country and their future families development.

Other activities of the Winners football training center that help in preventing an increase in number of children who drop out from their families and schools being led to becoming street children are the following :

  • To approaches parents and reminds them of their responsibilities to the child and reminds them of the rights the child has in the family ;
  • To Visit troubled families and reconcile them to protect children from any reason to move out of the family home to become street children ;
  • To approach children living on the street and show them the negative consequences of being on the street and the benefits of being in the family and joining schools to study ;
  • To encourage parents to hard work and saving at the same time so as to avoid any reason that can lead them from not fulfilling their duties and responsibilities as parents towards their children ;
  • To help children understanding their rights, duties and responsibilities as children ;
  • To help and support children rejoining schools as well as studying technical and vocational trainings which can help for their future development for their self-reliance ;
  • Every year, The Winners Football Training Center organizes a competition that unites MUHANGA Districts and its border districts aiming at sensitizing youth on doing lucrative works, using technology for their development progress, creating small businesses, fighting against drug abuse, preventing child sexual abuse, fighting against teenagers pregnancies and abortions and preventing from all other behaviors that can spoil their future life ;
  • Every year, The Winners Football Training Center commemorate the children and sports players (athletes) who died from the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda and recognizes some of the survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and poor families by provision of some material and moral support ;
  • Every year, The Winners Football Training Center select 5 children to support by providing them the basic necessary school materials to enhance them going back to school ;
  • Every year, the Winners Football Training Center help 5 poor families to pay for their Health insurance ;

Together as a large community of the winners Football Training Center, we believe without a doubt that our support to the children will make them becoming good citizens.

The Winners Football Training Center has initiated this program of coming close and talk to children to get to know their different problems so as to bring about advice and advocating for them, and guiding them how to overcome various problems that they encounter in their daily lives.