Did you know that football is one of the most popular sports in the world which unite people of different kinds uniting them and making them friends regardless their social, cultural, geographical, skin-colour, racial, religious differences ?

The Winners Football Training Center is a non-profit organization aiming at taking care of children, to support them in developing their talents, to help them preparing their brighter future from their young age ; it started in 2008 with 20 children and now it has more than 300 children who are taught to play football where they welcome children aged 5 to 16.

After realizing that there were a lot of different young people depending on the nature of the families in which they were born or raised, with the following problems :

  • Loneliness ;
  • School dropout ;
  • Bad habits ;
  • Loss of confidence and hope leading them to go to the street to beg ;
  • Playing football at home, on the street and anywhere in the local path ways ;

And realizes that many young people like and enjoy themselves in sports, which is the reason why The Winners Football Training Center considers football as one of the best ways to use to support the youth in :

  • Socialization ;
  • Not developing the loneliness habits creating strong bonds among the young people ;
  • Unity and reconciliation achievement ;
  • To avoid immoral activities including drug abuses, sexual abuse or fornication, and becoming street wanders.

The Winners Football Training Center has realized that sports is one of the ways to help young people :

  • To inform them of the benefits they have to work hard to achieve their highest potential ;
  • To inform and educate young people on many things that will help them achieve their development ;
  • To show them that they are equal and all have equal opportunities ;

The Winners Football Training Center considers football sport as a way that can help a talented child to play for development ; The Winners Football Training Center aims to continue to help all children in the same way to identify those who have the most talent to play football in particular and to monitor them until they achieve development that will help them and their families, as well as the country as a whole.

Today the training center has about five (5) different football training levels according to their corresponding ages :

1st level : this level comprises children between 5-8 years old ;
2nd level : it comprises children between 9-11 years old ;
3rd level : it comprises children between 12-14 years old ;
4th level : it comprises children between 15-17 years old ;
5th level : 18-20 years old.

There is also another group of girls that is subdivided into two levels according to their ages :

  • The level of girls between 8-12 years of age and
  • The level of girls between 14-17 years of age.

The Winners Football Training Center has trained more than 20 players that are now in National teams in different categories of Under 15, under 17, and in the Senior Rwanda National Team of football ; this emphasizes that football is a game that quickly help young people in their rapid social economic development and The Winners Football Training Center is looking forward on getting partners from all around the world to work together to continue supporting youth in this new world of development achievements.