The winners Football Training Center offer a platform to volunteers, expert and senior expert (retired people) to come and pass on their skills to our Organization, the following are different area you can intervene :


Administration :

Do you possess social and business administration, Time management and other administration matters ? You can assist staff of our organization to improve their business administration business you can teach or mentor them in Book keeping, Time Management, Human Resources, Finance Management and Leadership etc.…

Business Mentoring :

Do you know how to grow a business ? Can you teach entrepreneurship or business strategies ? Volunteer to assist our staff with capacity building in business skills.

English teaching :

With English teaching experience you can ensure our staff receive further skills in this area, or during school holidays we can organize a fun community English class with the children from our football program

Computer skills / Teaching IT :

With IT or computer Skills experience, you can Rwandan kids receive further skills in this area, therefore, during School holidays, we can organize a fun community computer class with the children from our Program.

Online Support :

You possess skills in web content development ? Website content writing ? Web development or social media marketing experience ? Help us promote our name and enhance our online presence.

Social development of children :

If you have a background in children’s services or social work, your skills can benefit us in identifying and assisting any children in need through our football program and community outreach program.

Fundraising :

If you have experience in non-government or charity fundraising we can always benefit from your fresh ideas and skills. Focus on capacity building for our staff in this area or partner with us to organize a fundraiser in Rwanda or overseas.

Football Coaching (active) :

Come and share your skills with our coaching staff to ensure the participants in our program are getting the most out of their football experience. Work with our staff to build their skills, coach during training sessions and most importantly play football !

Coaching (administrative) :

Do you have serious experience coaching or refereeing football matches, Work with our staff to ensure accurate future scheduling and planning so that all our participants are getting the most from our league.

Internship :

The winners Football Training Center will be offering a variety of internships to International and Rwandan students wanting to gain experience for their future. The fields on offer will focus on children’s well being and social work services for vulnerable children and some social development activities. We need help identifying any problems our participants may be having in terms of personal, health or family issues, and further assistance building relationships with these children to solve any problems.