Please read wisely our terms to subscribe in The Winners Football Training Center Program and Conduction Please feel free to contact us with any questions that have not already been answered.


  1. Boy and Girls aged from 5-16 Years old
  2. Boy and Girls aged above 16 up to 20 is allowed but is he or she is very talented
  3. Non-Disabled (No physical disability)


  1. Between 4 – 17 years participants should registered by his/her own parents or official legal guardian,
  2. Participants of Above 16 years can be allowed to be registered himself or Herself,
  3. The registration is accepted when it is done online through our website or when you reached to our office of General secretary of the Winners FTC,
  4. We accept participant who don’t have any physical disability,
  5. Requirements needed during the registration of the participant who is under 16 :
    • Parent or official legal guardian must carry National ID of both Parents
    • Birth certificate of participant
    • To show at least one pair of jersey, football shoes, Socks, shin Guard and valid medical insurance.


  1. The winners Football Training Center doesn’t have Training or Competition insurance, therefore, Participant should make sure that he/she has a Valid Medical Insurance and The winners ftc will not held responsible for bills associate to the medical treatment in case of injury but The winners ftc will help Participant to reach to the Hospital if needed just once.
  2. The winners FTC is strongly recommend not process registration in case the participant has any health problem.
  3. The winners Football Training Center is not responsible for any of the fees associated with medical treatment of injury happened during football training/Match
  4. Participant is responsible for all fees related to health Problem.
  5. Every participant must submit his or her insurance document to the office of General Secretary of the Winners ftc.


  1. Whenever participant is coming for Training or Match , he/she should bring at least one a bottle of 1 Litters of Drinking water , It is not allowed to attend training in case a participant didn’t bring his/her drinking water, because the Winners ftc will just provide 20 litters for additional when it is needed.


  1. Every participant must carry football Shoes ,Shin Guard, Jersey and Socks because are expensive on the market , so it is very hard for us to get them , therefore participants are requested to have the following kits during training session :
    1. One Football/Soccer Ball for under 12
    2. Football Shoes, Socks and jersey
    3. The Winners Football Training Center do provide Training Bibs during Training session.

2. Participant during official match is requested to possess the following kits :

  • Football Shoes
  • Shin Guard
  • And valid medical insurance
    3. The winners football training Center do provide official Match Jersey and Socks and take them after the Game,