The food items were donated in according to the guidelines for preventing the spreading of covid-19

The article attributed to Rwanda Magazine ; The Winners FTC from Muhanga District, which could put the food on the table, through difficulty, whereby they could eat after looking for food in a hard way but now it is impossible, because of covid-19.
It is the act which was done on the 9th April 2020. It was carried out in Gahogo village in Nyamabuye Sector, in Muhanga District told Rwanda that the annual act which they normally do, coincided it with an act of solidarity towards assisting families which were negatively impacted by covid-19.
He said,” This is an annual act we usually do while remembering the Genocide which was committed against Tutsi in 1994, where the winners normally commemorates in particular, the youth sports-oriented, who were killed during Genocide that was committed against the Tutsi in 1994.

MBONYE Olivier, is the coordinator of the Winners FTC

Last year 2019 we assisted 5 families, this year we have coincided with the LOCK DOWN PROGRAM for the purpose of preventing the spreading of COVID-19, and it is in that Context that we have assisted 10 families including 5 for Genocide survivors, and 5 for the children who are raised by THE WINNERS FTC who have been depending on their parent who been depending on their parents who are casual laborers.
The Winners ear marked each family 20kg of Irish potatoes, 10kg of maize flour, 10kg of beans, 5kg of rice, 2bars of soap as well as a liter of cooking oil, It imperative for the Sportsman to show the spirit of generosity.

The Director of the Winners FTC

The managing Director, David NSHIMIYIMANA points out that the sports people should be characterized by the acts of assisting the needy, where he said “we The Winners hereby call on all the people who happen to be having food to help those who don’t have, because it is a good act, and it shows love.
Assisting doesn’t require someone to be having a lot, or else to donate the extra ones, instead, it is the act of sharing with your colleague.”
He said “During this pandemic, it is the period when the ordinary people, who happen to be sportsmen, need to show the spirit of sportsmanship, because even during the normal period it is the one which characterized us.
The people in the sports world in general, I find it as the most convenient period to be in closer contact with the needy ones.”
He concluded by thanking all those who helped him in order to realize in The Winners FTC, as well as all the parents with the children in The Winners FTC,

The food items which were donated by the Winners FTC